Spanish Fork Sports Park

Spanish Fork Sports Park is a recreational facility located in Spanish Fork, UT. The park is home to several athletic fields, including a baseball diamond, football and soccer fields, and basketball courts. The park is also home to a playground, picnic areas, and a walking trail. The park is open to the public year-round, and admission is free.


Spanish Fork Sports Park was built in 2013, and was funded by a $5 million bond passed by the city of Spanish Fork. The park was designed to be a community gathering place, and to provide residents with access to quality recreational facilities. 


  • Athletic Fields: The park’s baseball diamond is home to the Spanish Fork Dons, a local youth baseball team. The football and soccer fields are used by the Spanish Fork High School teams, as well as youth leagues. The basketball courts are open to the public, and are often used for pick-up games.
  • Walking Trail: The park’s walking trail is a popular spot for residents to get exercise. The trail is 1.5 miles long, and winds through the park’s picnic areas and playground.
  • Picnic Areas: The park’s picnic areas are a great spot for families to enjoy a meal together. The picnic tables are shaded by trees, and the area is often used for birthday parties and other celebrations.
  • Playground: The playground at Spanish Fork Sports Park is a popular spot for kids to play. The playground equipment is safe and well-maintained, and the area is fenced in to keep children from wandering off.

Spanish Fork Sports Park is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. The park has something for everyone and is a perfect spot for a family outing or a day of exercise.

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