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How Do Water Damage Restoration Companies Calculate The Cost Of Water Extraction?

While the cost and price of water extraction varies according to a variety of circumstances, it normally costs roughly $2,000 on average. Bear in mind that water extraction is just the beginning of the restoration process. Following that, the water damage restoration company you choose will need to take the necessary procedures to dry your building materials to a safe level.

On moist walls, mold can develop, posing health and property hazards. This typically requires demolishing water-damaged areas of your property and installing drying equipment. If the water has been stagnant for an extended period of time and mold has grown, mold remediation services may be necessary. However, insurance companies typically cover the cost of water damage restoration, so you might not even have to stress about it.

What Factors Affect Water Extraction Costs?

Water extraction prices are normally regulated according to the requirements of your insurance provider and comprise the following significant factors:

  • A water restoration company’s hourly charge in a particular location.
  • How much water does your property contain? Normally, water extraction costs roughly $4 per square foot.
  • If the water damage is located in an easily accessible or inaccessible area of your property. For instance, if the water is in your crawl space, removing it is often more expensive due to the difficulty of access.
  • Whether the water is contaminated or not. If the water contains sewage or other impurities that make it harmful, removing it from your property can typically cost more.
  • If you have an emergency in the middle of the night. If you hire a company after hours, you will almost always be charged “time and a half.” This is a standard approach for nearly all services.
  • What was the initial source of the problem? If an active leak exists, it must be addressed immediately to avoid more harm.
  • How long you must leave the water vacuums and other water damage repair equipment in your home.

Is Water Extraction Costs Covered by Insurance?

Whether or not your insurance provider will pay for the service is totally based on your policy and individual circumstances. For instance, while the majority of property insurance policies cover water extraction operations as a consequence of one-time catastrophes, they may also cover a number of other projects. Following consultation with a water extraction contractor, it is advisable to contact your insurance provider to see whether the service will be compensated.

How To Reduce Water Extraction Costs

It may look as though there is hardly anything you can do about the costs if you are unlucky enough to endure water damage. However, you may take quick preventative measures to avoid water damage, which should lead to cheaper repair expenses.

Reduce costs by addressing the cause of the water damage immediately. Turn off all water and electricity in the damaged area. Throw rugs and movable furniture should be removed from the room. Wipe up any extra water or drain it. Allow for faster drying by opening cabinet doors. Drapes that are wet should be discarded. Open the windows in the immediate vicinity.

Most importantly, contact professionals immediately. The sooner they arrive to begin the drying and restoration process, the less harm will be done to your property. When there is less damage, the cost is lower.

Additionally, it is advisable to address small repairs as they occur, rather than waiting for them to develop into major issues later. Carry adequate insurance and, if there is damage, record everything thoroughly for insurance claims.

Is It Possible For Me To Do My Own Water Extraction?

Yes, in simple cases involving little amounts of water, it is possible to extract water on your own. When dealing with large amounts, it is essential to hire a contractor that possesses the required experience and equipment to quickly extract all traces of water. Water extraction requires time and work, much more so if you do it yourself. Additionally, if the water is not completely extracted, you risk exposing your property to moisture and mold.

While water extraction is not cheap, it is typically covered by insurance, and it is vital to act quickly to avoid more damage.

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