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7 Things You Should Be On the Lookout For Signs of Water Damage

Water damage is a much more severe problem than many property owners realize. Besides potentially causing extensive property damage, it can also lead to several health issues, including allergic reactions to asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Unfortunately, not all damage will be visible. For instance, you can experience water leaks inside the walls, which you won’t be able to spot until too late. However, certain things can help point to the presence of water damage.

This post will go through seven of them, giving you a list of some common signs of water damage.


How to Spot Water Damage in Your Property

While water damage will manifest itself differently in various scenarios, there are a few common signs you can look for. The following are some things you should be on the lookout for signs of water damage.

1. Water Stains

Dark or wet spots on walls, ceilings, and even floors are among the most common signs of water damage. While leaks can happen anywhere, they often manifest as stains on your property’s visible surfaces.

The discoloring can range from light shades to more extensive markings. For instance, gradual leaks cause faint spotting that darkens as the water accumulates.

Inspect the surface of your ceilings and walls, looking closely at the corners where your property’s walls meet the floors and ceiling. Also, remember to inspect your property’s exterior since some leaks start outside.

2. Excess Moisture

Excess or unusual dampness or humidity can be another sign of undetected water damage. Inspect your countertops, walls, and other surfaces on which water should not be accumulating. If the surfaces are wet, you might have a water leak nearby. You might also notice the presence of a musty odor.

3. Dripping or Strange Noises

While some leaks are silent or difficult to hear, others are more easily detectable. You might not hear the sound of a bursting pipe, but you will most likely hear certain after-effects.

Listen closely when the property is at its most silent, generally at night when people are asleep, and the traffic outside is minimal. Though dripping and popping might be some of the most unmistakable sounds of water leaks, the presence of other noises like rushing or scratching could also be signs of water damage.

4. Puddles or Pooling Water

As water leaks, it will pool and form puddles as it drips. If you notice a water puddle, clean it up immediately and check to see if it will return. Consider placing a container or bucket at the spot of the puddle to try locating the leak.

5. Paint Damage

Your property’s painting is often the first to show signs of water damage. Unless you haven’t painted your walls or ceiling in a very long time, the paint should not crack, bubble, or flake.

Excess moisture from behind your walls will escape the drywall and eventually cause the paint or wallpaper to start bubbling or peeling. In some cases, the moisture could cause your paint to crack in a straight line or a spider web pattern.

6. Mold

You can find mold anywhere excess moisture and oxygen are present. The presence of mold in your property points to two things. Either you have humidity issues or are dealing with a water leak. Mold is a serious concern for any property and will need the attention of a qualified, well-trained professional.

7. Increasing Utility Bills

Remember to pay attention to your water bills to detect the possible presence of water damage. For instance, a malfunctioning toilet can waste as much as 200 gallons of water daily. This wastage will eventually show in your water bill.

Though water bills have some seasonality, you probably have a leak if you notice a sudden and unexplainable increase in the bill.


Water Damage Restoration Services in Spanish Fork, Utah

If you identify the presence of water damage, addressing it right away goes a long way in preventing further damage.

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