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Protecting Your Valuables From Water During a Damage Restoration Emergency

Water damage events can cause significant loss to not just the property itself but also the contents inside the building. This is especially true when the damage is caused by severe water intrusions, such as floods, burst pipes, or sewage backups.

Oftentimes, homeowners may feel helpless, but there are actually many things that can be done to minimize the loss of personal belongings. As long as it is safe for the family to be in the home, they can take a few steps to protect some of their most valuable belongings. 

The following are just a few recommendations from Prime Restoration LLC. Their professionals have plenty of experience with emergency water damage in Spanish Fork, UT situations, so homeowners can trust their expertise when it comes to salvaging household items.

Box Up Small Items

The very first thing that homeowners should do is grab smaller items that are easy to move. They should be removed from the affected area or at the very least placed inside a waterproof container. If the home has a second floor, the boxes should then be relocated to that level. 

It’s important to focus on the area that is primarily being impacted by the water. Anything in the attic or upper levels can be left in its place as long as the water levels aren’t anticipated to rise any higher.

Move or Cover Large Furniture

If possible, homeowners and their helpers should attempt to move any of their larger pieces of furniture. It might be more challenging to navigate certain items up a set of steps. In these cases, homeowners still have the option to cover the furniture. This can help protect it from smaller water intrusion events. Unfortunately, it might not be enough to prevent damage caused by flooding.

The best way to prevent damage to couches, chairs, tables, beds, and other large pieces of furniture is to relocate them to a higher level. If the flooding isn’t caused by a natural disaster, homeowners may be able to remove it from the house and temporarily set it outside. They may also be able to move it into a portable storage container.

Place Documents in Secure Storage

It can be hard to prioritize which items homeowners want to save, but homeowners shouldn’t forget about their important documents. Papers are especially prone to irreversible water damage, so they need to be removed from the area as soon as possible. Homeowners should then place them into a waterproof container and keep them in a secure place while the emergency water damage restoration is completed. 

Birth certificates, wills, tax documents, and passports are just a few examples of documents that should be protected from water damage. It’s best to keep all of these items in the same location so that they can be grabbed quickly in an emergency. Storing them in a waterproof safe is also a great option!

Keep Electronics Away from Water

Everyone knows that electronics and water don’t mix well either, and usually, electronics are some of the most expensive items in a house. Therefore, it’s crucial that homeowners act fast to keep them away from the flooding. They should immediately be relocated away from the source of the water and kept in an area that is above the water level. 

Ideally, they should then be placed inside airtight plastic bags or containers that can keep any water or excess moisture out. That’s why it is good to plan ahead and keep these kinds of storage options on hand for when an emergency water damage event occurs.

Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company to Move the Contents 

Another great way that homeowners can protect their belongings is by hiring a professional to help. Many of the best water damage restoration companies offer services to relocate, store, and even repair household contents as well as the property itself.

For that reason, homeowners should contact a team of professionals right away. An emergency water damage company is typically available 24/7, so it’s easy for homeowners to call for help whenever disaster strikes. The crew can arrive on the scene right away to sort, box up, and cover valuables inside the home.

Request Professional Assistance for Emergency Water Damage 

Homeowners in the Spanish Fork area don’t have to look far to find a company that offers emergency water damage restoration services. Prime Restoration LLC has been serving the community and surrounding areas with expert disaster restoration solutions for more than 20 years. 

To learn more about how they can help with household contents, homeowners are encouraged to call right away. They can also submit the company’s online form to request a free quote for their services.

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