Storm Water Damage

A Guide on How To handle Storm Water Damage In Your Home

A rainstorm might start out innocent enough, but homes can start to flood when the ground becomes saturated. Not to mention, fallen limbs and strong winds can lead to storm damage. If it continues to rain, damaged homes become even more vulnerable to water damage.

Severe storms can quickly result in thousands of dollars in damage. As a result, homeowners are left with an emotional and financial toll. Fortunately, a team of water damage specialists can help relieve the stress of repairing homes affected by storms. The following guide shows the benefits of working with a crew to handle storm water damage.

Stop the Spread of Damage

After there is no longer any danger, homeowners should contact a water damage restoration company to request emergency services. The right team of contractors can arrive on the scene right away to mitigate any further damage. This step usually involves tarping and boarding up any damage so that water doesn’t continue to enter the home. 

Contact Insurance

Though many homeowners make the mistake of calling their insurance company first, it’s recommended that you reach out to a water damage company before filing a claim. The average person doesn’t have much experience with insurance policies and storm damage, so it’s best to let the professionals work together. 

A water damage restoration crew can arrive at the property and take detailed photos. They will also assess the damage and determine all of the causes so that they can help homeowners get the fair coverage they need. In fact, working with these experts takes a lot of stress out of filing the claim because many of them will handle the entire process on behalf of the homeowner.

Extract Standing Water

Time is always the biggest enemy when dealing with storm water damage cleanup, so it’s important that the standing water be removed as quickly as possible. Fortunately, experienced crews come equipped with the proper tools to get the job done efficiently. 

Their truck-mounted sump pumps are perfect for storm water damage because they don’t require electricity on the property. They also have wet/dry vacuums that can remove water and debris. Larger pieces of debris may have to be carried out, but restoration crews can assist homeowners with removing those objects as well.

Remove Household Contents

In order to salvage a homeowner’s personal belongings, the contents of the house should be removed and cleaned right away. In some cases, furniture may be moved to another dry part of the home. If the whole house has flooded, it’s best to take the household contents off-site. The crews can discard items that are beyond repair, and they can restore the things that are fixable. The items can then be stored in a safe and secure location until the home is ready to receive them.

Dry and Dehumidify the Home

It’s crucial that all excess moisture be removed from the air and porous building materials. Otherwise, homeowners could find themselves dealing with mold problems down the road. Unfortunately, storm damage often makes the drying step harder. If the house is exposed to the elements, humidity can slow down the process. Water damage specialists can speed things up with their fast home repairs and industrial-grade dehumidifiers. 

Repair the Affected Area

It’s important to select a company that offers full-service solutions so that you can avoid coordinating with multiple contractors. When severe storms hit the area, construction companies often become overwhelmed with repairs, so it could take several weeks or months to get the home back to its pre-loss condition. A full-service restoration company can handle all of the water clean up as well as the repairs. They can assist homeowners with the following:

  • Removing and Replacing Drywall
  • Fixing Damaged Roofs
  • Replacing Windows and Doors
  • Removing and Replacing Saturated Flooring
  • And So Much More!

Complete Final Inspection

Before a homeowner moves back into the house, they should make sure it has been thoroughly inspected for health and safety issues. Not only does this involve making sure that all repairs are structurally sound, but it also includes checking moisture levels. This step is crucial in preventing costly mold growth in the future.

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