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Cost Of Mold Remediation In Utah

Today, there are many different companies who are offering their mold remediation services. Since there are so many different dealers in the market, it is very difficult to choose the best one without having enough information about them. Some of these companies cost you higher than others but do not even give you better results. So before hiring a company for your home you must know first the average cost of mold remediation in Utah.

However, the cost of mold remediation varies in different cities. The cost of mold remediation in Salt Lake City is less expensive than in Ogden or Provo. Although the cost may vary, you can hire a company for your home at an average cost of $300-$800 per 1000 square ft. Also the cost of mold remediation can be different depending on where the mold grows in any part of your home. For example, the cost of mold remediation in the roof cost more than the cost of mold remediation in the ceiling.

The cost of mold remediation also depends on the extent of the damage done by the mold. When there is widespread or severe damage then cost can be high however if it is to a lesser extent then cost will be less too. In this blog post we will be covering how the cost of mold remediation changes depending on different variables.

Cost Of Mold Remediation Depending On Location

Your total spending on mold remediation will vary depending on where the mold grows in your house. For example, if there is a mold infestation in the attic, it will be much more costly than if there were no mold growth at all. Typically, an estimate to remediate mold would range between $500 and $5,000. So we will be talking about the difference of mold remediation cost depending on the location.

The following are examples of where you may find mold growth, and how much it will cost to remove them.

  • Bathroom: Mold may spread fast if not effectively controlled, resulting in poor indoor air quality. Once mold has begun to form within your bathroom, removing it is far more costly than taking preventive steps in the first place. Bathroom mold spreads quickly, all the more so since most of it is concealed beneath wall boards and paneling, where people are often unaware of it until there are problems. The typical cost of mold remediation in a bathroom is between $6,500 and $9,000, although it varies depending on the extent of the damage. Mold growth under sinks, showers, and bathtubs will increase the expense. If the mold is confined to the ceiling and inside corners of rooms, the cost will be less.
  • Basement: The majority of households in Utah have a basement, and as we all know, basements are very susceptible to mold development due to their lack of ventilation and gloomy atmosphere. Mold remediation costs are high in the basement since the space is often vast and takes substantial labor to clean. The typical cost of mold remediation in this area is between $2080 and $2510, but may vary depending on the level of mold development determined by professionals using instruments such as a dehumidifier and moisture meter.
  • HVAC System: Utah residences feature an HVAC system because of the state’s dry environment, which makes heating and cooling their homes inefficient. Mold may be removed or introduced into a property through the HVAC system. The typical cost of repairing issues caused by mold in the HVAC system is around $1500, not counting labor and installation expenses.
  • Whole House: When your house has been totally infected by mold it will cost between $5,000 and $15,000 to remove it completely but the price varies depending on the size of your house.

Other Factors That Will Affect Cost

There are other factors you need to consider that will definitely affect the cost of mold remediation. For example, some contractors may not be qualified or insured enough to perform this type of work. You’ll want to make sure the contractor you choose is reliable, has insurance and it’s licensed to do restoration along with mold removal.

Another factor to consider is the overall amount of repairs required for your house. If there is just a little leak, it is likely to be less expensive than if there is a flood that destroys the flooring, drywall, and insulation. Installation of flooring and drywall will cost between $20 and $30 per square foot.

When you do the math, it’s easy to see why some people opt for buying their own cleanup equipment rather than hiring a contractor. The equipment is cheaper and they’ll usually clean up the mold in smaller areas by themselves. However, if the area is too big or surrounding walls are affected, you will need to contact a professional.


Mold remediation is not a simple procedure, and it is not recommended to do it on your own. The situation may be greater than first believed, resulting in a slew of expenses, not only for mold removal but also for linked medical bills. This is why it is always suggested to hire professionals for any kind of mold removal to prevent these unwanted headaches. If you’re interested in learning more about mold treatment and the usual cost. For a free estimate, contact Prime Restoration.

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