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Water Mitigation Job in Saratoga Springs, Utah

Since the average roof can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years, they are often overlooked by homeowners until there’s a problem. However, when they do cause a problem, it’s often a major issue. In fact, damaged or old roofs are one of the most common causes of water damage and may require water damage restoration in Saratoga Springs, UT homes and commercial buildings.

Some leaks can go unnoticed for days or weeks. During that time, the water damage can spread throughout much of the house, making it difficult for homeowners to clean up the mess on their own. For that reason, homeowners should always have a water mitigation crew they can count on to help with these types of problems.

Homeowners in Saratoga Springs, UT can easily find an experienced and professional company for the job. Prime Restoration has over 20 years of industry experience, so locals can count on their team to handle any job–big or small. In fact, this case study is just one example of how their professionals can mitigate ceiling water damage.

The Cause of the Water Damage Problem in Saratoga Springs

A homeowner in Saratoga Springs, UT recently discovered that their roof had a leak. When heavy rain swept through the area, water started to drip into the home through the ceiling. As the water worked its way through the home, it spread throughout the office space on the top floor. 

By the time the homeowner noticed that their roof had been leaking, there was little they could do to stop it. Instead, they decided it was best to contact Prime Restoration for water mitigation solutions so that they could keep the damage from spreading to other parts of the house.    

Prime Restoration’s Assessment of the Ceiling Water Damage 

As soon as Prime Restoration got the call about the leaking roof in Saratoga Springs, they dispatched a crew to the home to begin their professional inspection and assessment. The contractors were equipped with all of the knowledge and tools that they needed to determine the source of the leak as well as the extent of damage throughout the house.

Their moisture meters were especially useful in helping them check for hidden ceiling water damage. They were able to test the drywall in different areas to determine which materials were wet and which were dry. Ultimately, they were able to find the exact spot where the ceiling water damage occurred so that they could focus their treatment on that specific area.

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Based on their thorough inspection, Prime Restoration was able to create a custom water mitigation plan. They determined that the most effective treatment for the ceiling water damage would include:

  • Remove Drywall
  • Dry the Affected Area
  • Repair the Damage

Drywall Removal

The contractors were able to determine that only part of the ceiling had actually been impacted by the water damage, so they were able to salvage most of the drywall. They focused on cutting a section of the damaged drywall from the ceiling and removing it from the home. They continued to remove portions of the drywall until they were confident that there was no mold or damage left behind.

Drying & Dehumidification

From there, the professionals worked on drying out the ceiling to make sure that there was no moisture left in the space. This step was important in mitigating secondary water damage issues, such as mold and rot. Drying and dehumidification tools allowed the contractors to expedite this process. They continued to ventilate the space until the moisture meters indicated that the ceiling area was completely dry. 

Professional Repairs

After the water mitigation specialists were confident that all of the water had been removed from the house, they took their time to focus on repairing the damage. Not only did they help the homeowner address the source of the water damage, but they also installed new drywall in the area where it had been removed from the ceiling. By the time they were finished with the job, the homeowners were very happy to have their home back to its pre-loss condition.

Find out More About Prime Restoration’s Water Mitigation Services in Saratoga Springs

While this case study highlights some of Prime Restoration’s most recent water mitigation work, there are plenty more successful projects that prove the company’s skill and reliability. Customers are encouraged to contact the contractors right away to learn more about their water mitigation solutions for property in Saratoga Springs. 

It’s easy to reach our professionals by phone because they offer 24/7 emergency services. However, customers are also welcome to submit their project details through the simple online contact form.


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