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This Leaking Water Heater Caused Flooded Basement Cleanup in Manti, Utah

Water heaters are useful appliances that provide people with one of the most enjoyable modern-day conveniences–hot water! Not only does it make showering more enjoyable, but it also helps with washing clothes, dishes, and so much more. Unfortunately, these appliances can malfunction and leave homeowners with a big mess on their hands.

When a water heater breaks, it can cause quite a bit of water damage, especially if it goes unnoticed for too long. As a result, homeowners can find themselves dealing with mold and other secondary damage on top of the initial water heater water damage.

Though this might sound like a stressful situation, homeowners don’t have to worry about cleaning the mess up on their own. Instead, they can hire a company like Prime Restoration to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This flooded basement cleanup shows the many benefits of working with their contractors when water damage occurs.

The Reason the Manti Homeowner Called Prime Restoration

A homeowner in Manti recently discovered that their basement had significant water damage. Since the basement was finished, the water damage impacted the carpet and drywall throughout the space.  

Upon further inspection, they were able to determine that the problem was caused by water heater water damage. The appliance had started leaking, and it was evident that it had been going on for about a week before the homeowner noticed the damage. Initially, the homeowner was going to try to DIY the cleanup. However, they ended up choosing to call Prime Restoration to ensure the job got done right.

Prime Restoration’s Professional Inspection of the Basement Water Damage

After the homeowner reached out to Prime Restoration, they immediately responded by coming to the home to assess the level of damage. The contractors brought specialized tools that would help them to measure the amount of moisture in different materials. As a result, they were able to find additional hidden water damage that the homeowner wasn’t aware of.

They were also able to identify that the damage was caused by category 1 water, which is clean and relatively easy to clean up. However, there were some signs of mold damage that would need to be addressed as well. They also noticed that there was rust on the carpet from the tack strip, which indicated that the leak had occurred several days ago.

The Customized Solution for the Water Heater Water Damage

Based on all of their findings, Prime Restoration worked to create an effective plan for the flooded basement cleanup. It would include the following steps: 

  • Water Extraction
  • Removal of Damaged Materials
  • Mold Treatment
  • Reconstruction

Extracting and Drying Water

The homeowner had taken proactive steps to protect their household contents by placing them on pallets. Not only did this prevent water damage, but it also made it easier for the contractors to start the water extraction process. The water damage professionals used their wet/dry vacuums to remove excess water from the carpet and other parts of the floor. From there, dehumidifiers were set up to finish the drying process. 

Removing of Damaged Materials

The contractors also worked to remove materials that were too damaged to salvage. The walls had wicked up the water a couple of feet, and the closet doors had warped and swollen. Therefore, flood cuts were performed, and the doors were taken out. The contractors also removed some other materials, including the carpet, tack strips, and more.

Mold Treatment

Light green fuzz had been spotted on the carpet, but the contractors also found some possible signs of mold that may have occurred from a different loss. They worked to remove the mold and clean the affected area so that it wouldn’t grow back in the future. The crew also worked with the customer to take care of other problems that were uncovered during the flooded basement cleanup. 

Reconstructing the Basement

Finally, the contractors completed the job by repairing and reconstructing the basement. They installed new floors, repaired the drywall, and replaced any of the other materials that had to be removed. They also continued to monitor the area for moisture to ensure that it was completely dry and free of mold. After they finished, the home was completely restored to its condition prior to the water heater water damage.

Learn More About Prime Restoration’s Flooded Basement Cleanup Services

Homeowners in Manti should reach out to Prime Restoration at the first sign of water heater water damage. They can help customers address problems that wouldn’t be solved through DIY cleanup alone. The contractors can be reached by phone for 24/7 for emergency services, or customers can submit their online form.

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