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Carpet and Flooring Mold Removal in Provo, UT

Water damage impacts many homes every year but in different ways. In some situations, the water damage can be sudden and severe. However, many of the most common cases are more subtle. In fact, it’s not uncommon for water damage to remain hidden. Unfortunately, it only grows worse with every day that passes. After all, mold can start growing in just 24 hours!

Fortunately, homeowners don’t have to look far to find help with their flooring mold removal. Provo customers can count on Prime Restoration to handle the entire mold mitigation process. This case study is an excellent example of the company’s commitment to thorough service and quality results.

The Mold Problem Presented to Prime Restoration

Prime Restoration was first contacted by a Provo homeowner after they discovered that mold and mushrooms were growing through the floor! Based on that information alone, the contractors knew that the house had to have significant water damage to grow the fungi. For that reason, the mold removal specialists acted quickly to respond.

The skilled contractors arrived on the scene with all of the proper protective equipment they would need to assess the home safely. They also brought all of their tools to check for moisture in different materials.  

The Inspection Process for Mold and Water Damage 

Though the homeowner had initially reported evidence of mold and moisture underneath their carpet, Prime Restoration thoroughly checked the rest of the home to assess the cause of the secondary water damage. Since the home was built in the 1940s, they were certain that more hidden mold damage was lying beneath the surface.

The contractors carefully inspected the office and laundry closets. The moisture meters indicated that there was significant water damage and mold growth in the carpet of the office space. The professionals also checked the floorboards and found evidence of moisture. When they were in the laundry/utility room, they also found signs of mold. After the drywall was removed, the contractors immediately found more mold inside the walls.

As they continued their assessment, they also determined the source of the water damage. Based on the moisture readings they took, they found that most of the moisture and water leak was coming from the home’s exterior. The roof and siding were allowing water to enter the home, and it eventually led to the mold and fungus growth the homeowner discovered.

How Prime Restoration Helped with the Mold Removal

Though the damage to the home was extensive, Prime Restoration was able to successfully complete the flooring mold removal. Provo contractors completed the following steps in order to completely remove any mold and mitigate growth in the future: 

  • Demolition
  • Drying
  • Reconstructing

Demolition of Damaged Materials

Since the mold growth was happening inside the walls, the contractors knew that this project would require some demolition work. They took special care to remove any materials that were damaged beyond repair, and they did their best to salvage what could be cleaned. The biggest part of the demolition step was to remove drywall and flooring so that they could thoroughly dry the home.  

Drying the Home

After all of the wet material was removed, the mitigation specialists were ready to start the drying process. They made sure to be extra thorough with this step before starting the reconstruction process. Otherwise, there would’ve been a risk of mold returning.  

To completely dry out the house, the team came equipped with a system of powerful air movers. The increase in ventilation allowed them to complete this step quickly and efficiently. 


When the contractors were certain that the home had been dried, they were able to start the reconstruction process. Not only did they install new drywall and insulation, but they also replaced the flooring that had been growing the mushrooms and mold. By the time they were finished, the home was back to its pre-loss condition, and the homeowner was very happy with the results!


Learn More About Flooring Mold Removal for Provo, UT Homes

Want to learn more about how Prime Restoration can help with flooring mold removal? Provo homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to contact their team of licensed and skilled contractors. 

It’s easy to get in touch with the mold remediation company because they offer 24/7 emergency response when customers call (385) 985-2537. Local homeowners can also get in touch with the professionals by submitting their project details through the website’s contact form.


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