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Mold Mitigation Job in Payson, UT

Water damage has been known to cause a variety of problems to the house it impacts. Not only do homeowners have to deal with the primary effects, but they also have to be concerned about secondary water damage, such as rot and mold growth. In fact, these secondary problems can be even more devastating than the initial water damage.

Untreated water damage can lead to significant mold growth that can impact the safety of a home. If the problem remains hidden for an extended period of time, homeowners will no longer be able to consider a DIY cleanup. Instead, they will need to contact a professional for a mold mitigation. Homeowners turn to companies like Prime Restoration, LLC for mold mitigation Payson UT services. .

Since their team of mold mitigation professionals started offering services, they have had the opportunity to complete countless successful jobs. In fact, this case study is just one example of how they can use their knowledge and resources to restore homes impacted by water damage and mold. Keep reading to learn more about the company’s experience. 

Cause Of The Mold Growth

A homeowner in Payson, UT discovered a significant amount of mold growth behind the drywall in their ceiling and bedroom wall. It had been going on for quite some time. In fact, it was determined that the mold had started growing after a leak occurred eight months prior. The leak had come from the roof and was caused by faulty shingles after it had rained. 

Though the water damage had eventually dried out, it did leave the home with moldy insulation and drywall. Once the homeowner discovered the problem, they realized it was far too great for them to handle on their own. For that reason, they made the call to Prime Restoration, LLC to request a professional water mitigation.

Prime Restoration, LLC And Their Professional Inspection

As soon as Prime Restoration, LLC received the call about the mold problem in Payson, UT, they dispatched a team of experts to complete a professional inspection. Their Payson mold mitigation contractors have access to all of the equipment they need to safely check every inch of the property. 

They took their time looking at the main problem area, but they also checked the spaces around it to confirm how far the mold had spread. At one point, they even completed some minor abrasive sanding to find evidence of mold in the drywall. By the time they completed their inspection, they were able to conclude that most of the mold had been contained to the area behind the walls and ceiling in the bedroom below the roof leak.

The Mold Mitigation Process 

Based on their findings, Prime Restoration, LLC was able to come up with an effective mold mitigation plan for the Payson, UT home. They customize every job they do, but for this particular project, they determined it would be best to complete the following steps: 

  • Containing the Mold Growth
  • Remove Existing  Mold
  • Prevent Future Mold Growth 

Containment And Negative Air Protocol

To start the project, Prime Restoration, LLC worked to contain the area so that no mold spores would spread to other areas of the house during the cleanup process. They took the time to install plastic in the workspace, and then they began on the negative air protocol to keep mold spores from passing through the air to the rest of the home. 

Thorough Removal Of Mold And Damaged Materials

Once the workspace was prepped, the technicians moved on to the next step. They cut out all of the affected drywall from the bedroom walls and ceiling. They also removed all of the moldy insulation that was in the walls. They finished removing any mold spores that were left behind in the demolition by performing a detailed and light HEPA vacuuming of the area.

Spraying And Cleaning To Prevent Future Mold Problems

The experienced technicians worked to keep future mold growth at bay by thoroughly cleaning the affected area. They used their proven antimicrobial solution to spray and wipe down all of the surfaces. After they completed their thorough cleaning, they were confident that the homeowners wouldn’t have to worry about more mold coming back.

Find Out More About Mold Mitigation Services In Payson, UT

Want to know more about their services? Need your own mold mitigation? Payson, UT homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to contact Prime Restoration, LLC. Their trained professionals are happy to provide more information over the phone if customers would like to learn about their processes and equipment. Customers can also call to request a professional inspection to see if mold is growing in their house.

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