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Water Damage From Plumbing Leak in Provo

Water damage can come from a variety of sources. Sometimes, it is caused by nature, but other times, it might be a simple case of bad plumbing. When it happens more subtly, it can be difficult for homeowners to even detect that water damage has occurred. As a result, the hidden damage only worsens.

In this case, it took the discovery of a large hole in the basement ceiling drywall for a homeowner to notice they had a plumbing leak. Provo residents don’t have to deal with that mess on their own, however. Prime Restoration was able to help them with their water damage mitigation. Check out this case study to see how the crew’s hard work paid off for their customers. 

The Cause of the Plumbing Leak-Provo Water Damage Report

Prime Restoration received a call from a client who noticed signs of water damage. The water had not only caused the home’s basement ceiling to drop, but it eventually created a large hole. As soon as the problem was discovered, the homeowner reached out to the experts of Prime Restoration to determine the cause of the damage.

Immediately, the contractors dispatched a crew to begin the process of assessing the situation. Based on the location of the leak, the contractors were able to determine that the leak was coming from the bathroom on the level above the basement. Upon a closer look, they learned that the water was coming from the shower. Specifically, it was a leak around the tub drain and valve.  

Prime Restoration’s Professional Inspection and Findings

In order to determine the full extent of damage caused by the plumbing leak, Provo water damage specialists began the inspection. They used their infrared tools and moisture meters to detect how far the water damage spread around the hole in the ceiling. The results indicated that there was significant damage to the basement ceiling. 

They also found signs of mold and damage in the basement side room, carpeting, basement flooring, baseboards, and drywall. Finally, they located moisture behind the wall.

The experts used the same tools to check the bathroom above the ceiling, and no moisture was detected. Therefore, they were able to conclude that the cause of the damage was a plumbing leak around the shower. 

The Process for Restoring the Plumbing Leak

In order to completely restore the home, Prime Restoration created a custom plan. They focused on water mitigation, which included: 

  • Demolition
  • Cleanup
  • Drying
  • Reconstructing

Demolition of Damaged Materials

Based on their findings, the contractors knew that they would have to do some significant work to remove all of the water-damaged materials. Not only did they have to remove the basement ceiling, but they also had to rip up flooring, baseboards, and drywall in other areas of the house. Once they removed the drywall, they also had to remove insulation from inside many of the walls and ceilings because of mold growth. 

Cleaning Up of Work Space and Mold

As they worked to remove the damaged materials, they also focused on cleaning the space. Since mold had become an issue, it was crucial that they work hard to remove any remaining mold spores. They had to clean many of the surfaces that weren’t removed, and they also used air scrubbers. These tools are effective in cleaning the air so that the homeowners wouldn’t have to worry about mold in the future. 

Drying Out the Home

Next, the water damage experts worked to dry out the rest of the building materials that remained in the home. They used a system of air movers to increase ventilation. Not only did this expedite the process, but it also helped them to prevent any further secondary damage. 

Drying Out the Home

Finally, the professionals had to address the source of the plumbing leak. They worked to remove the tub, pan, and shower curbing, where the leaks were occurring. After they were finished, they began the process of repairing and reconstructing the parts of the house that had to be demolished. This step included new drywall and flooring installations. They also took care of any finishing work for the trim and more.

Find out More About Restorations for a Plumbing Leak- Provo, UT

Homeowners should never struggle with the aftermath of water damage on their own. Whether it was caused by a flood or plumbing leak, Provo customers can always count on Prime Restoration to get their property back to its pre-loss condition.    

Their team of skilled and experienced professionals is easy to reach by phone, thanks to their emergency response number. They also offer a simple online form that customers can submit for a free quote.  

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