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Mold Growth and Water Damage Caused by Ice Damming in Mapleton UT

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When winter brings snow and ice, it also brings water damage. One major culprit of water damage in winter that homeowners may not know about is ice damming. An ice dam is an area of snow and ice that can form at the edge of the roof during a  snowstorm or ice storm. They form when the warmth from your home melts the bottom layer of snow on your roof. When the melted water runs down the roof, it freezes on the edge of the roof or gutters. This creates a shelf for more snow, ice, and water to collect, creating water damage and in some instances mold growth. 

When our clients in Mapleton, UT noticed water damage and mold growth on their interior walls and ceiling, they contacted us right away since they knew we were a phone call away. Prime Restoration provides expert ice dam removal services in Mapleton UT, and we want to ensure that you are aware of the dangers of mold growth and water damage caused by this phenomenon. Our team is available 24/7 to help you address the issue before it causes further damage.

1. Project Type

After inspecting the area, we concluded that the water damage had been caused by an ice dam that had formed on the clients roof. The water damage had been somewhat hidden at first and when left untreated mold growth had started to form.

2. Project Description

With our knowledge and experience, we inspected the area and evaluated how much damage had been done to the home. From this inspection, we noted extensive water and mold damage to areas in the living room and we began putting together a plan for safe mold removal service and total water remediation.

3. Project Solution

We began by first isolating the contaminated areas. We sealed off the affected rooms from other areas of the house to prevent cross-contamination and began to remove the mold. Afterwards, we worked to remove ice dams, and to repair and rebuild the water damaged walls and ceilings.

4. Project Results

Once the job was completed, we had created a safe and healthy space for the family.

The highly recommended main goal of our water and mold remediation project was to restore the home as if the damage had never happened. With this in mind, our project was a big success. The water damage was completely dried out and repaired. Our customers were quite happy as a result. The living room, which was the most severely damaged by water and mold, was completely redone.

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