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From Pipe Burst to Fireplace Repair: Water Damage Mitigation in Highland, UT

When a water intrusion event occurs, the water can make its way into many nooks and crannies. It can easily get through small cracks that are hard to access. Unfortunately, homeowners can’t neglect to clean these areas. Untreated water damage can quickly develop into worse problems, including mold infestations.

Therefore, it’s crucial that homeowners contact a professional to help with hard-to-reach water damage. Fortunately, locals don’t have to look far for a company that specializes in this type of water mitigation in Highland, UT. Prime Restoration LLC serves this area among many others.

Their crews have plenty of experience with unique water damage situations. This particular case study details a job where they had to mitigate water damage that was trapped behind a fireplace! Keep reading to see how they overcame the challenge.

The Cause Of The Fireplace Water Damage

A homeowner in Highland, UT recently discovered that their home had suffered from quite extensive water damage in the basement. They were able to determine that the cause of the leak was a broken pipe. This particular pipe went into the downstairs area from the outside water spigot. It ended up flooding a portion of the basement. 

Unfortunately, the affected area happened to include the fireplace, and the water ended up getting behind the corner of the fireplace. Since the water damage was going to be impossible to reach without some demolition work, the homeowner made the smart choice to call in a team of professionals.

Thorough Inspection Of The Affected Area

As soon as the experts of Prime Restoration LLC received the call from the homeowner, they sent a crew to begin the water mitigation. Highland, UT contractors came equipped with every tool they needed to get started right away, but first, they needed to complete an inspection of the area. 

They used their moisture meters and other equipment to take readings of the saturation levels in different materials. They also checked for signs of mold growth or any other water damage that would need to be cleaned. They were able to cut a hole from the outside to see behind the fireplace. From there, they determined that water had saturated the insulation. They also found that water had seeped under the fireplace and got the carpet wet.

Prime Restoration LLC’s Water Mitigation Plan

After completing their assessment of the water damage, Prime Restoration LLC decided on a personalized water mitigation plan. For this particular project, they felt it was important to: 

  • Remove the Damaged Materials
  • Contain the Affected Area
  • Dry and Dehumidify
  • Clean and Disinfect
  • Rebuild the Fireplace

Removal Of The Damaged Building Materials

The water damage contractors ended up having to do quite a bit of demo work to get to the water damage behind the fireplace. Not only did they remove the stucco covering the fireplace, but they also had to remove carpet, flooring, drywall, and insulation. They even took the gas fireplace fixture out of the wall with care so that they could access the materials between the wall and the fireplace.

Containment Of The Affected Area

Next, the contractors set up a containment area. Since the water damage hadn’t impacted the whole basement, they were able to set up plastic barriers to separate the water-damaged space from the clean area. Not only does this help prevent dirt and debris from accumulating in the clear portion, but it also makes the drying equipment more efficient. 

Drying & Dehumidification To Remove Excess Moisture

The professionals then set up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers to start the drying process. Since they had already removed some of the stucco covering the fireplace, they were able to effectively dry out the area behind it. The drying equipment continued to run until moisture meters indicated that all of the excess moisture had been removed from the air and building materials.

Cleaning & Disinfection To Prevent Mold Growth

The homeowners were concerned about mold growing behind the fireplace, so the contractors made sure to take extra precautions. They sprayed the affected areas of the basement with an antimicrobial solution that would mitigate the risk of mold and mildew. 

Reconstruction To Return Property To Pre-Loss Condition

Finally, the contractors took care of rebuilding the fireplace. They also repaired the drywall, installed new flooring, and took care of any other reconstruction jobs. The homeowners were very happy with how they returned the house back to its pre-loss condition.

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