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Case Study: Multi-Level Water and Mold Damage Repair

  • Job Type: Water Damage Removal and Rebuild
  • Client: Multi-Family Home – Rental Unit Owner
  • Location: Provo, Utah
  • Rooms Affected: 2 Units, Upstairs Kitchen, Downstairs Kitchen, Downstairs Bathroom
  • Materials Affected: Flooring, Carpet, Drywall, Ceiling, Vanity

At Prime Restoration LLC, we specialize in turning disasters into triumphs. In this case study, we’ll share how we tackled a challenging water damage and mold repair project in a multifamily home in Provo, Utah. Our commitment to top-notch water damage restoration in Provo, UT, sets us apart

The Cause Of The Damage: A Washing Machine Leak

Our client faced a serious issue when their washing machine plumbing malfunctioned, causing extensive water damage through multiple floors of their fourplex. Another restoration company had initially handled the dry-out process, but unfortunately, several areas remained water-damaged, leading to mold growth.

Our Approach: Water Damage Repair And Mold Mitigation

  • Step 1: Comprehensive Inspection

We began with a thorough inspection to identify all affected areas. It was important to understand the extent of the damage to plan our restoration effectively.

  • Step 2: Setting Up Containment

Mold can be hazardous and spread quickly through airborne spores. To prevent further contamination, we set up containment around the affected rooms. This step was necessary to safeguard the health of the tenants and our team.

  • Step 3: Removing Damaged Materials

Our team carefully removed all water-damaged materials, including flooring, carpet, drywall, and parts of the ceiling. We performed flood cuts where necessary and disposed of all affected materials safely.

  • Step 4: Mold Mitigation

With the damaged materials out, our focus shifted to mold mitigation. We treated all affected surfaces to remove the mold and ensure it wouldn’t come back. Our goal was a safe and healthy environment for these tenants.

  • Step 5: Rebuilding and Restoration

The final step was to rebuild the damaged areas. We installed new flooring in both kitchens, replaced the drywall, fixed the ceiling, and renovated the downstairs bathroom, including a new vanity. Our goal was to not only restore but also improve each room.

The Importance Of Licensed Water Damage Restoration

Choosing a certified and licensed company like Prime Restoration LLC for water damage restoration is the best way to get the job done right the first time. As you can see in this case study, our clients had more damage that needed repair simply because the first company they contacted did not complete the entire job. Water damage can very quickly cause issues such as structural damage, and mold growth, which mean additional costs. That’s why investing in the right expertise from the start is important for long-term safety and cost-effectiveness.

Contact Prime Restoration LLC For Water Damage Repair In Provo, UT

The project was a success, thanks to our team’s expertise and commitment to quality. We managed to transform a water-damaged and mold-infested property into a safe, healthy, and beautiful living space, and the rental owner was able to rent out her units again. At Prime Restoration LLC, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle even the most challenging restoration projects with precision and care. For water damage and mold repair in Provo, UT contact Prime Restoration LLC at (801) 509-6899 or fill out the contact form on our website for a free quote.

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