frozen pipe burst in a spanish fork home before and after

Case Study: Damage Caused by Frozen Pipes in Spanish Fork, UT

We recently completed a comprehensive water damage restoration in Spanish Fork, UT home. This case study outlines our approach, the challenges we faced, and the solutions we provided, ensuring the homeowner’s peace of mind and safety.

Client Profile

  • Job Type: Water Damage Restoration
  • Client: Residential Homeowner
  • Location: Spanish Fork, UT
  • Rooms Affected: Finished Basement
  • Materials Affected: Ceiling, Flooring, Trim, Drywall, Insulation

The Source Of The Water Damage

A frozen pipe burst in the client’s finished basement, leading to significant water damage. The ceiling was particularly affected. Our team was tasked with not only cleaning up the water but also restoring and rebuilding the damaged area.

Why Prime Restoration?

The client initially considered going to a larger franchise water damage company after their insurance carrier told them to, but after doing their own research they ultimately chose Prime Restoration. Our local presence and numerous 5-star reviews convinced them of our reliability and expertise. Plus we were able to work directly with their insurance to make sure the whole job was covered.

Our Restoration Approach

Step 1: Assessment and Planning

Upon arrival, our first step was to assess the extent of the water damage. We used moisture detectors to identify the areas most affected. Our team then formulated a plan to tackle the damage.

Step 2: Water Removal

Using powerful air movers and dehumidifiers, we started the drying process. This step was crucial to prevent further damage and mold growth. We regularly monitored the humidity levels to ensure the area was drying effectively.

Step 3: Damage Assessment & Removal

After drying, we reassessed the area to identify all damaged materials. The ceiling, flooring, trim, drywall, and insulation had been affected. We removed all of the areas that were damaged beyond repair and disposed of them.

Step 4: Cleanup and Sanitization

Our team thoroughly cleaned the area and used antimicrobial spray to prevent mold and mildew growth. This step was crucial to ensure a healthy environment in the home.

Step 6: Restoration and Rebuild

The final step involved restoring and rebuilding the damaged parts of the basement. We replaced the damaged drywall, insulation, and flooring, and repainted the area to match the original decor.

Results And Client Satisfaction

The project was completed successfully, with the basement restored to its pre-damage condition. The homeowner was highly satisfied with our prompt response, efficient work, and the quality of the restoration. They appreciated our attention to detail and our commitment to ensuring their home was safe and comfortable again!

pipe burst water damage after 1

pipe burst water damage after 2

pipe burst water damage after 3

pipe burst water damage after 4

pipe burst water damage after 5

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At Prime Restoration, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch water damage restoration services. This project in Spanish Fork, UT, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our expertise and local presence make us a trusted choice for homeowners facing water damage challenges.

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