Basement Flooring Cleanup

Basement Flooding Cleanup in Springville, UT

Water damage can come from all different types of sources. Sometimes, it can be something unpreventable, like major flooding from storms. Other times, it might be caused by a homeowner’s mistake. In either case, basement flood cleanup in Springville, UT  is crucial to make sure that the water is cleaned up right away to prevent further damage and problems. 

Many homeowners may underestimate the amount of time it will take to completely dry and clean a room impacted by water damage. They may choose to DIY the project to save some money, but if it isn’t done right the first time, they risk spending more money on additional repairs in the future. 

For that reason, it’s important that homeowners have a company they can turn to when their home floods. Fortunately, residents of Springville, UT don’t have to look far to find a team of experienced professionals. 

Prime Restoration has helped countless customers restore their property to pre-loss conditions, and this basement flood cleanup is just one example of their workmanship. Keep reading to see how they use their knowledge and tools to effectively prevent mold growth and other secondary water damage issues.

The Cause of the Basement Water Damage

As mentioned, water damage can come from a variety of sources. However, it’s important to determine the source because that can impact the type of water damage in the home. In this case, it was determined that the water damage was caused by a simple mistake. Someone had accidentally left a bathroom faucet running. The water ended up spreading beyond the bathroom into other parts of the home.

Since the Springville, UT home was a split-level design, the basement actually had a lot of finished living space. Unfortunately, the water damage spread throughout the area and impacted different materials in two different bathrooms, a bedroom, and a larger living room.

The homeowners recognized that this project, caused by one simple error, was too much for them to handle on their own. Therefore, they made the decision to reach out to Prime Restoration for a professional basement flooding cleanup service.

Prime Restoration’s Assessment of the Basement Flooding

The contractors of Prime Restoration start every water damage cleanup with a thorough inspection. Not only does this allow them to get a better idea of what services will be required, but it also gives them a chance to create a more accurate quote and timeline.

As soon as they were contacted about this job, they arrived on the scene right away and began to check for the extent of the damage. They used tools like moisture meters to take readings of different materials. This step allows them to detect hidden water damage in walls, floorboards, cabinets, and more. They also took the time to inspect for any signs of mold growth, but luckily, the homeowners caught the damage before that could occur.

Professional Basement Flooding Cleanup Services

After they completed their assessment, they used their knowledge and experience to create a personalized and effective water damage solution. For this basement flooding cleanup, they:

  • Removed Damaged Materials
  • Dried and Dehumidified
  • Repaired the Affected Area

Removal of Materials

The basement flood cleanup contractors knew that the most effective way of drying the home would be to remove the flooring. This allowed them to prevent mold growth between the wood floorboards and the subfloor. They also removed any other materials that had suffered too much water damage to be dried back to their normal condition. 

Drying & Dehumidifying

The next step was to completely remove any excess moisture from the basement area. Since basements are prone to higher humidity levels, it was important to be thorough through this process. The experts brought in a combination of air movers, dehumidifiers, and a space heater to expedite the process. They continued to dry the home until the moisture meters indicated that they had been successful.


Finally, they worked to get the home back to its pre-loss condition. Therefore, they were responsible for repairing and replacing any of the materials that they had removed. For example, the contractors were able to install new flooring where they had removed the wood floorboards. By the time they were finished, the homeowners were very happy to have their home back the way it was before the accident.

Discover More About Prime Restoration’s Basement Flooding Cleanup Services

Homeowners with water damage in their basements shouldn’t hesitate to contact Prime Restoration. Their helpful contractors are available 24/7 to provide emergency restoration services, so residents of Springville, UT can call any time of day or night. Customers can also get in contact to request more information by filling out the simple contact form on the company website.

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